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Materials & Additives Release Agents Spray Foam Equipment Polyurea Processing Equipment
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The PULTEX GmbH is a company operating throughout Europe, which has specialized in the distribution of thermosetting plastics and their processing equipment.
Since its founding in the year 1991, we have been a family-run company that represents well-known manufacturers on the European market.
We focus on a strong partner-network with manufacturers from more than 10 countries. The high flexibility of our partners and the close contact to our customers makes us to their most important contact in the area of fiber-reinforced composites.
Our employees form a dynamic team and accompany you from development to series production. We focus on the ambition of the new generation, as well as on the experience of the long-term employees and specialists! Through continuous development and advanced training, we are always in a position to inform our customers about the latest technical developments.

Our broad product spectrum includes unsaturated polyester resins, vinyl ester resins, epoxy resins, gelcoats, topcoats, color pastes, bonding pastes, tooling resins, fire protection systems, reinforcing materials, release agents, process additives, polyurethanes, polyurea, elastomers, silicones, adhesives, processing/metering machines and various auxiliaries.

Our products used f. e. in the railway- , marine-, construction- and wind energy industry. On our redesigned and new website (www.pultex.de), you will get an insight into our product portfolio and an overview of the current projects.

Contact Email: gbongard@pultex.de
Contact:   Mr Guido Bongard

In den Bremen 50
52152 Simmerath